MySherig - Online Learning Platform

MySherig  is a device-independent software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of customised educational courses,  training programs and learning materials anywhere, any time.

MySherig as a platform will equip and harness the full potentials of the learners by supplementing the conventional approaches of teaching-learning with flexible smart alternative learning spaces, appropriate knowledge and skills by keeping pace with the growing digital infrastructure. It is a major step towards the achievement of the Education Sector’s goal of achieving universal and quality education for all.

    Available courses

    Latitude and Longitude copy

    This course introduces learners to latitude and longitude, and shows how to calculate time at a place based on its latitude and longitude.

    Class: 9
    Subject: English


    Ecosystems are complex interactive systems that include both living and non-living things. Ecosystems consist of several hierarchical structures, wherein groups of same organism form populations. Individual organisms or populations live, grow, or reproduce within ecosystems. How does this happen? This happens through interdependent relationships with other organisms or populations in their physical environment. These interactions restrain growth; enhance or limit the size of populations; or maintain the balance between resources and those who consume them. Ecosystems are sustained by continuous flow of energy, originating primarily from the sun, and the recycling of matter and nutrients within systems. However, ecosystems experience shifts in population composition and abundance; and changes in the physical environment over time.

    Class: 10
    Subject: Science